Gloria comes from the little river town of Augusta, Missouri and plays a hybrid of contemporary folk music with traditional roots.    She expertly accompanies herself on guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, audience and other interesting gadgets.   In addition to solo concerts, Gloria performs with the bands, Augusta Bottoms Consort and The Texas Giants.  She also enjoys performing with her husband, Michael Bauermeister as a duo.   Gloria loves writing songs and has written many of them.    "Gloria captures the essence and connectedness of our common experiences.  She pulls you in and no matter what mood you were in when you arrived, she leaves you with the warmest evening of memorable entertainment.  I don't think I've ever smiled all the way through an entire concert."  (Janelle Hoffmann--  Riverfront Cultural Society).   Gloria got hooked on the guitar when she was a kid and she played until her fingers bled on a beat up, hand-me-down guitar and then went on to learn clawhammer-style banjo and mandolin.   Gloria beautifully distills the magical and mundane moments of life into three to four-minute thought-provoking gems of music.   Gloria’s CD “Seeds” made the top ten list on radio station WXOU FM in Michigan. “Seeds” has been played all over the country and  Germany, Italy, Australia, .....

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“Let Me Hear Your Whistle Blow”  with Michael Bauermeister


Here is a song called “Let Me Hear Your Whistle Blow.” from Gloria’s upcoming new release.  The song is  about her friend, Russ, who was a Vietnam Vet and loved the sound of trains.
“Lift Me Up & Let Me Go Live at The Focal Point in St. Louis.  CLICK HERE
Photo by Ray Marklin