Gloria has five CDs out.  Two solo albums-recorded with friends and family, one with the talented, Michael Bauermeister and two with the great and versatile band Augusta Bottoms Consort.
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CDs are $15 each plus $2.00 postage & handling if you want them sent to you in the mail.
Going Down to the Water, You & You & You, Seeds, Cosmic Love Song, Quiet, Ray, River & Raven, Brand New World, Waltz for Three Children, The Arrowhead, My Lost Dog, Wrong Side of the Road, Believe, Be My, Be My, Barefoot Waltz
Before you Had Me, Syrto Home, When we Stood in the Ashes, The Pear Song, My Father Has a Dog, When the Water Goes Down, Lunar Eclipse, Part of You, A Ride with the Martians, Holding My Own Hand, Singing of the Saws, Read My Mind, Crappy Birthday, Getting It Back, Into the Hands of Angels
I Wanna Do It Now, Common Sense, Self Portrait, A Place in My Mind, A Printer’s Waltz, Le Poisson, Wine God, The Darkness, Erica’s Tune, Dear Life, Time to Kill the Rooster, Coyote Life, Missing Chord, Holy War, I’m Finally Here
The World Needs a New Song, My Dream, Your Dream, Little Baby Bird, Urban Sprawl, Rock My Baby, A Ride with the Martians, O Marconi, Will & Indiana, Fortune, Tata, Louie’s Party, Head on Straight, Opus Dei, All in This Day, Green Room Waltz
Augusta Bottoms Consort Bandanas! Dk Green, Navy, Black, Red and Gray 22” X 22”
$10 plus $3.50 for postage & handling.
GLORIA has just released a new CD
entitled “GO” this
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Getting Ready. When I Go, Lift Me Up & Let Me Go, Let Me Hear Your Whistle Blow, Loneliest Highway, Truck Driver’s Wife, Going to Dale’s, Think Twice, I Don’t Ride, Fun on the River, I’ve Never Been to Prison, What Old People Know, Be Still, Bottom Road Song